Welcome to the 2016-2017 Martins Advantages For Education Program

New Codes Assigned for Advantages for Education 2016!

In an effort to build renewed enthusiasm and awareness for your school’s participation in Martin’s Super Markets “Advantages for Education” program, we are asking all customers to re-register for the school of their choice this fall!  We want to be sure that their school is receiving its share of the $175,000 in educational equipment that Martin’s donates each and every year.  Martin’s has given more than $3.6 million in needed supplies to area schools since the start of the program.

We have simplified the sign-up process this year!  New 5-digit codes have been assigned to all participating schools.  Coordinators simply need to fill out their sign-up forms as usual and distribute to parents, grandparents, relatives and friends.  When customers shop, they hand the sheet to the cashier, along with their Martin’s Advantage Card, and they will automatically be signed up for their school!  if they prefer, they may sign-up at the customer service office or online at www.martins-supermarkets.com.

Coordinators may also collect the sheets and turn them in as a group at any Martin’s store location.

Activate and/or register your school using the School ID Number that can be found on the inside cover of your School Coordinator Guide.

After completing your registration a User Name and Password will be generated for you. Make sure to keep a record of both for each subsequent visit to the site.

Click here to register online.